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And then there was Greece

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Greece is like a magical place, with endless sunshine, white sandy beaches, blue oceans that look clear all of the way to the bottom.

The first time I went to Greece, it was a trip with Hubs and I for a week, then we went on a sailing adventure for a week, with a sailing tour company. Having never been on a sailing trip before, I looked forward to this trip and savored every minute. What a magnificent way to see Greece, the same way Odysseus did, from the sea.

I spent some time in Athens, just enough time to see the monuments and take in some night life.

A full week of this trip was spent aboard this sailboat. I booked the trip a year in advance, I was so excited! If you do one thing in Greece, it should be on a sailboat in the Mediterranean Sea. It was life-changing.

Then there was the food, the magical food. It is so simple, like the grilled octopus, with tomatoes and cucumbers, dressed in olive oil and lemon juice. The perfect blend of flavors.

I can never seem to make this simple dish at home taste the same as it did in Greece. Of course we have the same "ingredients", but are they really the same? To be sure, I brought home some Greek olive oil, dried Greek thyme, and other spices. It still doesn't taste like the salad from right here.

Octopus leg, grilled, with tomatoes and green pepper.

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